Who we are

Milway  began as a small Landscaping and Facility Maintenance Company with a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service world class HSE procedures.

Milway  Resources Limited was Established in 1998  and has grown into a leading professional Waste Management/Drainage and Industrial Cleaning company in Nigeria. Milway is a diverse and innovative company able to handle Jobs both Upstream and Downstream facility and beside this Milway offers services in the area of Construction, Procurement, Industrial Flooring and Corrosion Management/Protective Coating


The last ten years has seen Milway rendering qualitative services in the installation of industrial Flooring Product and Protective Coating to benefit of industries like the Dairy, Beverage, Automobile workshop, Aviation Industry, health and Oil & Gas Refining in Nigeria.


Facilities Management

Clients have relied on our reputation for providing the most reliable and efficient services, our scope of Facilities Management Support includes...

Industrial Cleaning

Milway Resources works in Nigeria’s most remote and challenging environments, using a wide-ranging range of industrial cleaning equipment...

Industrial Flooring & Coating

Milway utilizes the most advanced materials and the most trusted brands in industry ranging from Epoxy, Polyurethane, Acrylic to Ucrete...

Waste Management

We work with our clients to eliminate or reduce waste at source, to increase ability to recover, reuse and recycle waste as well as reduce hazardous content.

Corrosion Services

We assist companies to improve product quality and cut the costs associated with material corrosion, such as premature product failure...


Milway is a leading supplier of Drilling Fluids, Drilling Muds and Chemicals to Oil and Gas exploration projects in Nigeria and West Africa....

We make your facilities look beAUTIFUL

We are also specialists in the collection, transportation and disposal of any kind of waste.